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Baltimore, MD, July 22, 2020 - RegionAle features a 24-tap self-serve beer, wine, and cocktails beverage wall.

RegionAle was created with the goal of highlighting regionally famous American sandwiches and craft beers. These legendary sandwiches originate from across the country, including quintessential favorites such as the Maryland Crabcake, Philly Cheesesteak, and Florida Cubano. RegionAle strives to maintain the essence of these classic sandwiches while putting their own modern spin on them with fresh and unique ingredients.

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All of RegionAle’s sandwiches are made from scratch, using locally-sourced and seasonally appropriate ingredients whenever possible. In addition to their main fare, they also offer seasonal soups and salads, as well as numerous sides including housemade chips and cookies.

Due to recent events, RegionAle had to adjust their operations to satisfy the changed needs of customers in the pandemic world. Fortunately, they have a very large space, which gives them more room to play and adjust to the current pandemic needs, for example, all of the tables are now separated by more than 6 feet to ensure that the customers feel safe while still having a nice experience. Another part of their post-COVID-19 strategy is that they are only using eco-friendly to-go boxes to serve all of their food.

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In addition, there are sanitizer, glove, and wipe stations all around the restaurant. They are also using their beverage wall to minimize the number of touchpoints. All customers using the PourMyBeer wall must wear gloves and pour their beverages into a one-time-use plastic cup. This keeps customers safer compared to a traditional bar where they would have to interact with bartenders and staff members several times during their visit. It also creates a fun environment for the customers to pour and taste by the ounce without waiting for drinks since they pour on their own terms.

Their PourMyBeer wall is certainly not just about beer, they also offer wine, and cocktails! Currently, they have 3 cocktails on tap (at the moment, they have a Grapefruit Crush (the crush is a Maryland summer staple cocktail), an Elderflower Margarita, and a local Sagamore Whiskey Peach Smash).

In order to satisfy customers who just want to enjoy the delicious drinks that RegionAle has to offer from the comfort of their own home, they are selling all draft beers, wines, and cocktails in special to-go boxes. They are available in 16oz, 32oz, and 96oz coffee boxes, which they call their "Box-Of-Joy." This is their play on the classic "Box-Of-Joe."

Finally, as many customers seem to feel more comfortable and perhaps safer when sitting outside, RegionAle has just expanded its outdoor dining area. They now have 12 tables outside where customers can enjoy their delicious self-pour beverages and craft sandwiches while soaking up the sunshine!

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Want to check out what RegionAle is all about? You can find them at 2400 Boston St., Suite #120, Baltimore, MD 21224

They are open Monday - Sunday 11am-9pm

About PourMyBeer

PourMyBeer’s self-pour technology enables faster, more efficient access to beverages by allowing consumers to pour their own beer, wine, cocktails, cold brew, and kombucha, all while paying by the ounce. PourMyBeer is the world leader of self-pour, serving customers such as Whole Foods, Buffalo Wild Wings, the U.S. Air Force, Caesars Entertainment, Walk-Ons and many more. PourMyBeer has over 6,281 taps in service at bars, restaurants, casinos, hotels and grocery stores around the world.

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