My husband and I have three young children so it is rare that we get any time alone, least of all a weekend away. During the pandemic, it has been especially hard to find time to get a break from the kids and reconnect as a couple.

I’ve always dreamed of staying at the historic Omni Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, Virginia, and this winter my husband and I were able to make it a reality. Located just a few hours from the D.C. area in the beautiful Allegheny Mountains of Virginia, the Omni Homestead has been a premier vacation destination for over 200 years. It has hosted 23 U.S. presidents and its famed natural hot springs were enjoyed by Thomas Jefferson. This charming resort provides timeless comforts and access to an array of exciting activities no matter the season but we decided to visit the homestead for a cozy winter getaway.

Homestead 7.jpg

Walking the grounds of the homestead./Kate Hoke

The resort is grand, elegant and sparkles with southern charm. After checking into our beautiful room we wandered the grounds where we discovered to our delight that even in the winter, the pool stays open. Winter activities at the Homestead include activities like ice skating, snowmobiles, skiing and tubing. We opted for a more relaxing activity and spent our afternoon indulging at the spa. The spa is beautiful and the deep tissue couples massages were exactly what we needed.

Homestead 2.jpg

Adults only hot springs in the serenity garden./Kate Hoke

We spent the rest of the day with drinks in our hands at the Geothermal Octagon Pool. The two hot springs are rich in magnesium, potassium and calcium with a temperature range of 96-97 degrees. The springs can only be located with access to the adults-only serenity garden which again reminded us how fortunate we were to be away from our kids, just the two of us. We really enjoyed talking to the other guests including a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. There was another couple that had just gotten engaged that morning. I can’t think of a more romantic place for a marriage proposal than the Homestead.

We loved listening to the pianist in the lobby before our dinner reservation. Jefferson’s restaurant just off the lobby is a farm-to-table dining experience with an amazing selection of regional and prime meats. My husband had the N.Y. strip and I opted for the ribeye. We had delicious wine, decadent desserts and truly enjoyed every minute of our romantic meal. We finished our night sitting in rocking chairs, reminiscing on our past, making plans for our future and staring at the stars.

Homestead 1.jpg

Dinner at Jefferson's restaurant./Kate Hoke

Before checking out, we enjoyed a history tour around the resort where we learned about the area and development and expansion of the Omni Homestead. The Omni Homestead has seen so many famous guests and there are so many stories; some even believe the 15th floor is haunted! We returned home rejuvenated, relaxed and happy to see our kids. It’s important for parents to get a break every now and then and the Homestead is the perfect place for couples to reignite the romance.

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