The second annual Forest County Bigfoot Festival is scheduled for June 10-12, 2022, in Marienville, Pa. By all accounts, the inaugural event for Forest County Bigfoot Festival held in June 2020, hosted by the Forest County Business alliance, was a “Big” success. The event featured guest speakers that drew visitors to Marienville from across the eastern United States. For the Bigfoot enthusiasts, there were speakers throughout the weekend giving their ideas about Bigfoot and their experiences in hunting the elusive creature. The family-friendly event also featured a Bigfoot hunt, Bigfoot calling contests, Biggest Foot contest, games, crafters, and food vendors. The very popular Bigfoot hunt consisted of 10 Bigfoot silhouettes hidden around woodlands of Forest County within a 15-mile radius of the event. Participants were given clues to locations of the silhouettes and were required to take photos of themselves with each silhouette. The person or group who found all 10 in the shortest amount of time won a cash prize. The fastest completion time was three hours and 20 minutes. The festival filled Marienville with many vendors, some selling Bigfoot-specific wares and merchandise. Each vendor had at least one Bigfoot-themed item for the event. There were also Bigfoot-themed games for children and families.

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The Allegheny National Forest offers more than 100 miles of ATV trails. Pennsylvania Great Outdoors

And if you need a break from hunting “cryptids” like Bigfoot, the ATV trails in the Allegheny National Forest have been drawing crowds to Forest County for decades. The Marienville and Timberline ATV Trails offer riders more than 100 miles to explore with three interconnecting loops.

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Local restaurants serve up Bigfoot Ribs. Pennsylvania Great Outdoors

Free visitor information is available at

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