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Ellen Matis

When we told friends that we would be camping for an entire week in the middle of August near the shore, they thought we were crazy. “Won’t it be hot?” was the response we mostly received.

Tent camping just under five miles inland from Bethany Beach, Delaware, will go down as unique and one of my favorite experiences. It was hot. So hot, in fact, that we received a severe weather advisory for heat for two days out of the week. But we had a fantastic experience that we’ll certainly remember.

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Ellen Matis

We camped at a site on the property of Good Earth, an organic garden, market, and restaurant. Located right on Route 26, the camp area was easy to access and had more amenities than a woodsy-type could ever hope for. At the site itself, a picnic table and fire ring; and available to campers, a bathhouse with an outdoor shower with hot water, access to the Good Earth Market, a restaurant and bar on-site with a great craft beer selection, and access to Wi-Fi and plugs for charging devices. We’re definitely not used to charging stations while camping!

Campers of all types have been neighbors at Good Earth this week. There’s us, the “glampers” that filled our entire Tacoma with provisions for a hot week, comfy chairs, cots, and even a pop-up canopy for additional shade (which proved to be a necessity for helping to keep our tent out of the afternoon sun). There are the minimalist campers, who came with nothing but a tent for merely a place to crash after all-day beach shenanigans. And there’s the families, who came for an affordable spot to enjoy the beach — and enjoy the lack of crowded accommodations mid-pandemic — whose children are getting their first taste of calling a tent home.

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Ellen Matis

What makes the spot extra special, I think, is its proximity to everything. Good Earth offers everything you need for a successful camp week right on-site, but it’s also close to restaurants, shopping, grocery stores, gas, and, of course, beaches. During our week, we spent time in Bethany Beach, Rehoboth Beach, Fenwick Island, and Ocean City, Maryland — mostly trying out different craft brews after spending full days soaking in beach life.

Learn more about camping, visiting the market, or making a reservation at the Good Earth Market on goodearthmarket.com.

Delaware is a great spot for campers, whether tenting, pulling a trailer or RVing. Tent camping sites are available at multiple state parks, like Delaware Seashore State Park and at Fenwick Island, and at privately owned campgrounds up the entire coast.

Things to pack for a successful beach camp:

  1. Way more clothes than you think you’ll need. You’ll change them three times a day.
  2. Extra bathing suits — you won’t have access to a dryer between beach visits.
  3. Battery-operated fans with as many extra batteries as you can pack.
  4. A cooler rated for many days of retention.
  5. An open mind and willingness to adapt to conditions.
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Ellen Matis

For more information on beach camping or visiting Delaware beaches:



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