Catch a glimpse of the Potomac River from the top of Stratford Hall's cliffs by taking the Silver Beech Trail. (Bethmoon527 (Flickr))

While most visitors come to Stratford Hall for its appeal of American history, Stratford Hall is also a place for nature lovers. With nearly 2,000 acres of picturesque wooded land, Stratford Hall has six scenic trails to take that are friendly to experience and endurance levels. With the purchase of a Grounds Pass, you can hike any and all of the Stratford Hall trails.

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Stratford Hall Great House.jpg

The plantation house built in 1738 by Thomas Lee would house four generations of the family./Stratford Hall

The Spring House Trail will take you on a quick, easy trip through lush underbrush where you can hear the trickling of the natural spring. If you hope to see some wildlife along the way, take the Mill Pond Trail that travels a half-mile along the edge of Mill Pond, where hikers have frequently spotted turtles and waterfowl perched on fallen logs. Keep a soft foot as you walk — the quieter you are, the more likely you are to see them!

For more of a challenge, the Silver Breech Trail has hills and terrain that make carrying a water bottle a must. Steps and handrails are there to help you up the steep inclines to the well-earned reward at the end of the path: a breathtaking view of the Potomac River from the top of the Stratford Cliffs. Picnic tables are available for visitors that crave a lunch with a view. Whichever trail you take, you won’t be disappointed with the wildlife, foliage and views along the way.

Pack some water, grab a camera, and take a hike at Stratford Hall!

Stratford Hall Gardens.jpg

The gardens of Stratford Hall have been restored using archeological evidence to recreate the 18th century gardens./Stratford Hall

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