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When Larry Lange retired from the Department of Justice, he focused on finding the perfect retirement lifestyle. At Buckingham’s Choice, a premier Acts Retirement-Life Community in Frederick County, MD, Larry chose a charming cottage on the beautifully situated campus and selected his favorite finishes. From his new home, he discovered the best of worry-free living with a host of wonderful activities, on-campus healthcare professionals, and friends that wave and say hello every single day.



“It’s the amenities that set Buckingham’s Choice apart,” says Larry. “They are top of the line. There’s a library, fitness center, chapel, gift shop, art studios, three dining rooms, and a gorgeous in-door pool. And then there are all the activities, the lovely views – pastures with cattle, mountains in the distance – and access to a wonderful downtown just down the road.”

For almost fifty years, Acts has served as one of the nation’s most trusted organizations in the senior living industry. A not-for-profit with 26 campuses in nine states, Acts offers gracious living options in resort-like settings with those wonderful amenities, where residents enjoy maintenance-free living with time to make the most of their retirement.

Worry-free living on a whole new level



Acts’ residents have access to a full continuum of care right on campus. They enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing they have Acts Life Care®, where future care is paid for in today’s dollars with consistent monthly fees should their needs ever change. And if they qualify to itemize, they gain tax advantages as up to 40% of the entrance fee and monthly fees can be deducted.

The Acts Life Care® Retirement Program

Continuing Care Retirement Communities provide all levels of care from independent and assisted living, skilled care, and many even provide memory care. They accommodate seniors and their changing needs at any stage, allowing residents to live in one place without needing to move to have their needs met. Some CCRCS are life care communities and others are fee-for-service communities.

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A senior African-American woman in her 70s enjoying the outdoors, hiking in a park, taking photographs. She is smiling at the camera./ACTS

All Acts communities are life care retirement communities. Our extensive, Type A life care contract assures that monthly fees will never increase based solely on whether a higher level of care is needed. Because Acts has a large network of communities, you can visit or relocate to another Acts community and enjoy the benefits of being an Acts resident – from meal plans and health care to a marvelous range of amenities and activities.

Fundamental facts of life care and fee-for-service contracts

Life Care — An all-inclusive option, a life care or Type A contract covers the cost of your residence, services, amenities, and some of the health care you receive now and in the future. It typically requires a higher entrance and monthly fees than those offered for fee-for-service contracts for the same size independent living residence. Monthly fees for life care contracts are stable and predictable throughout the resident’s life.

Fee-for-Service — An a-la-carte option, a fee-for-service or Type C contract covers the specific services you are using at any given time. For instance, you might enter a CCRC in independent living and pay a fee that covers your rent, meals, and any related services. Later, if you move to assisted living or skilled nursing, the costs will increase significantly to cover your health care expenses. Fee-for-service may offer a lower initial entrance fee than life care plans for the same size independent living residence, but increasingly higher and less predictable monthly costs over time.

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The real difference between contracts comes down to how you pay for future care. With life care, much of the cost of assisted living and/or skilled nursing care (should you ever need it) are included in your contract and monthly fees from the start. These monthly fees may rise modestly with inflation, but they won’t increase because you need a new level of care, even if the cost of providing that care greatly increases.

Isn’t it time to get moving?

Making the transition to a new home is challenging at any point in life. In the landscape of retirement living, Buckingham’s Choice and all the Acts Retirement-Life Communities stand out in countless ways. Residents are warm and welcoming, ready to make you a special part of their neighborhood. They can’t wait to share interests, hear stories, and surround you with the loving kindness that Acts is known for. Like all the wonderful Acts family, Larry Lange and his friends warmly invite you to discover the retirement that’s right for you. For more information about an Acts community near you, call (855) 524-0093 or visit

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