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It took some convincing, but I finally got out for our first hike of 2019.

As most of our Mid-Atlantic readers know, it’s been a more brutal winter than usual — especially in my home base of Pennsylvania. Getting outdoors gets to be more difficult, and motivation to get moving even harder.

But one thing is definitely true: There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a winter hike.

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We hiked the short Shingle Mill Trail in Black Moshannon State Park, about 25 minutes from State College, Pa., and Penn State University.

Hiking in the snow and ice has its challenges, but the cool, crisp air gives you a totally different sensation than a midsummer hike offers.

So what does this have to do with you?

The moral of this story is: don’t let winter hold you back. Do you want to get outdoors? Do it. Do you want to go for a weekend getaway? There’s nothing better than cozying up in a cabin in the snow. Parks across the Mid-Atlantic are still open, and you just need to bundle up to enjoy them.

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The Mid-Atlantic region is filled with destinations just a short drive away, and they offer more activities than those that cater to winter sports-lovers. In this edition of Recreation News, you’ll find exhibit openings, railroad excursions, craft beverage trails and more. Start planning, and get out and #LivePlayDo.

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