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Out with the old, in with the new.

Many of us are happy to wrap up 2021 ― perhaps not as happy as we were to wrap up 2020 ― and just about everyone is looking forward to 2022. New Year’s is always a time of re-evaluation, taking stock, reviewing what went right and what could have been better. It’s a time of planning for a better year, perhaps including items on the to-do list that weren’t finished in the prior year.

As a fan of football, I’ve always been amazed at the halftime adjustments coaches make to revise their strategy before they get back out on the field. Like a new year, they review what is working and what isn’t.

One major difference that separates us from the football analogy is our lack of control over certain aspects of the upcoming year, such as being diagnosed with a disease that limits your future abilities, or, as we all experienced, enduring pandemic that still lingers. Unlike football, sometimes the rules change in the middle of the game. We deal with changes in the economy, changes in the work world, changes in relatives (both new ones via birth, marriage, and death). Our company may have changed, as well as neighbors, etc.

While we can wring our hands in frustration or fist pump in victory over these elements, let’s focus on what we can control as the new year unfolds. I’ll take a pass on disclosing my own personal list of victories and shortfalls for 2021.

The majority of our time can be broken down into a handful of categories: sleep, work, family, and leisure. Sleep is easy to cover, at least for me. Having a nice bed and a regular schedule helps a ton. Some people have a goal to work on this. Work is a category often filled with resolutions. Typically, they are to work less or get a different job. Family and leisure often travel hand in hand. Invariably, most resolutions are to put more importance on this aspect.

Of course, COVID sure did place some limitations on leisure time options, but changes are coming and along with that, opportunities. Airline destinations are opening up more and more, and most of the driving locations are already either fully or mostly open. Festivals and concerts are being scheduled now, as well as weddings and reunions. Best of all, during this whole chapter, we at Recreation News have been steadily gathering information on how to make the most of your time.

Let’s work together to make this upcoming year the best it can be as you make the most of your time, maybe even developing some new habits to make a positive change forever.

Happy New Year!

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