You simply cannot find a better place for trophy trout fishing than Harman’s/WV Tourism

It’s the best of both worlds, the majesty of nature and the luxury to provide the utmost comfort for modern times. For the past 80 years, family owned Harman’s Log Cabins transformed into Harman’s Luxury Log Cabins to meet this need and raise the bar to create awesome memories. Although it’s just two and a half hours from Washington D.C., it’s a whole different world. That relatively quick ride takes you from the concrete jungle to a tranquil, natural setting where your mind is cleared, replacing stressful thoughts of work with peaceful gazing at Mother Nature’s creations. And you don’t need to give up on your comforts. Enjoy luxury in the midst of nature. And it’s surprisingly affordable.

The location


The views from the cottages are breathtaking.

Situated in the Monongahela National Forest of West Virginia with almost 2 miles of private access trophy trout stream in Hopeville Canyon, the location is ideal to view the abundant wonders of nature. Stunning natural views are everywhere; the cliffs of the Hopeville Canyon, the peaceful North Fork River, Dolly Sods Wilderness area, Spruce Knob, Seneca Rocks, Black Water Falls, Smoke Hole Caverns. There is beauty everywhere you look. Harman’s is the outdoor enthusiast’s dream, especially for fly fishing, hiking, birding, horseback riding, mountain biking, canoeing, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, skiing, golfing, hunting, wildlife viewing, stargazing and weekend getaways.

Trophy fishing

The fishing at Harman’s simply can’t be beat. More than a mile and a half of private access trophy trout water is at your doorstep. All fishing is strictly catch and release and fly fishing is encouraged. Need some help or supplies? Harman’s offers a full-service fly shop on-site, along with professional guide service with advance reservations. Taking some courses, listen to the experts and then take that knowledge to the North Fork River for rainbow, brown, brook, tiger and golden trout, which are measured in pounds rather than inches. There are a lot of 10-pounders and plenty in the 3-to-5-pound range. Harman’s team, with years of experience, provides an optimum fly fishing adventure. If you know of a better place, we’d be interested to hear it!

The cabins

While convenient to rugged wilderness, you can experience luxury fit for a honeymoon. Nightly rentals in their 1-4 bedroom cabins include all the amenities for a romantic getaway; dual shower heads, jacuzzi and private outdoor hot tub, gas fireplace, charcoal grill, fully equipped kitchen and seclusion. There are also high definition TV with DVD and DSS satellite, game rooms, and Wi-Fi for those that need to keep that electronic leash handy. Cabins hold anywhere from two to six people to accommodate couples and families. Select more cabins for a larger group getaway.

Check out the website or call 800-436-6254 to find out about the latest specials and packages. Some current offerings at the time of this writing include an adventure package, 5-day getaway, gift certificates, winter escapes, limited time summer special, and an 80th year for $80 special. Check it out, there will likely be something perfect for you.

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