Hiking the trails in Allegheny National Forest brings you to man-made features, as well as natural wonders.


Standing on top of the Kinzua Sky Walk, one can see for miles. And while the view is unsurpassed, there are many other ways to see all that the 513,000-acre Allegheny National Forest has to offer, especially while wandering its more than 200 miles of trails.

There are trails for all levels of ability and all types of interests. The Marilla Bridge Trail is an easy 1-mile loop that offers both forest and water views, as well as the chance to cross three wooden trestle bridges along the way. A gazebo and stone benches also provide nice places to stop and appreciate the view. 

Hardier hikers can choose to continue on the Marilla Springs Trail, adding 3.6 more miles to their routes, as well as changes in direction and elevation, or take off on the White Pine Trail, a 3-mile loop that passes under towering, old-growth white pines. 

Hikers looking for moderate to difficult routes can take the Kinzua Valley Trail, a 7-mile walk on crushed limestone that follows the banks of Kinzua Creek, or the Morrison Trail, an 11.4-mile loop that can be completed in a day or combined with the Rimrock Trail Loop to have a weekend backpacking adventure.

Visitors can download a trail guide at, as well as check out all the other attractions within the Allegheny National Forest.

Allegheny National Forest


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