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Did you ever notice that holidays always seem to come packaged with nostalgia? There’s such a warmth about it. All the great movies seem to take place in times gone by and have fires in the fireplace and friendly, old towns. We are so fortunate to have in our midst Annapolis, Maryland, with its 300-plus years of history and the largest concentration of buildings remaining from the 1700s anywhere in the nation. Brick streets in a remarkably well-preserved town complement the historic colonial seaport, the naval academy, the capitol of the state, church circle, and the sailing capital of the country.

Getaways are chock full of options, so the weather doesn’t dictate when to arrive. We love an outdoor stroll through the historic dock area seeing the boats on “ego alley,” pondering the history of the Kunta Kinte Alex Haley memorial, dining at one of the many countless eateries such as The Federal House, eating oysters at O’Brien’s, eating crabs at Buddy’s, or watching the boats come and go from Pusser’s or the Chart House. In fact, there are 74 wonderful eateries on the website We’ve tried most of them and can’t think of any we weren’t delighted with. I’ve often wondered how many sailors ate and drink in this very location celebrating holidays hundreds of years ago.

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Visit Annapolis

And of course, history is chronicled in museums and historical sites. The tourism website lists 19 of them, as well as more than a dozen tours showcasing historic homes, gardens, the naval academy, maritime and colonial history, and more. It’s a great way to learn parts of history you just wouldn’t know otherwise, and weather permitting, try the tours by foot and by boat. At night, consider an evening of entertainment, whether it’s a local acoustic guitarist in a pub or a nationally recognized act at the Rams Head.

You’ll want to make it a getaway, and the options for where to stay are numerous and fit every budget and desire. Right in the heart of Annapolis are quality hotels, inns, B&Bs, and more ranging from recently built to hundreds of years old. The Historic Inns of Annapolis are located right in the heart of the historic district, featuring three vintage distinctive properties: Governor Calvert House, the Robert Johnson House, and the Maryland Inn, each offering its own unique ambience. You can easily walk to countless attractions from there.

The entire town is kid-friendly, dog-friendly, and just plain people-friendly. First, do your research at Then set your dates and book your stay, perhaps with one of their package deals. Prepare to make a lot of memories strolling through history, arm-in-arm, in this fascinating incredibly well-preserved gem of a town.

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