Hawn's Overlook

Hawn's Overlook, Raystown Lake, Pennsylvania

Is there anything better than a scenic overlook? Across the Mid-Atlantic, travelers flock by car and foot to see some of the most spectacular views that the region has to offer.

This year, we asked Recreation News readers to weigh in on the top scenic overlooks across the Mid-Atlantic. We asked them to let us know how easily accessible they were, what state they were in, why they thought their nomination was the most scenic and more. And after hundreds of nominations, one overlook stood out to our staff because of the sheer number of nominations it had: Hawn’s Overlook in Pennsylvania.

Hawn’s Overlook is one of two amazing vistas overlooking Raystown Lake in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, along with Ridenour Overlook. They’re must-see spots for anyone visiting the region — and as some added trivia knowledge to share with your friends during your travels, Raystown Lake is the largest lake entirely within Pennsylvania.

Uncovering PA, a state-wide travel website, calls Hawn’s Overlook the most scenic in the state of Pennsylvania. After parking off of Henderson Overlook Road, a 300-yard gravel path leads from the parking area to the view.

“The view from Hawn’s Overlooks looks to the south and southwest, though it’s nearly a 180-degree view. This makes it a perfect spot to view the sunset from (just make sure to have some kind of flashlight for the walk back),” writer Jim Cheyney says on Uncovering PA.

Pro tip: Hawn’s Overlook is easy to find on Google Maps, so it shouldn’t be hard to plan your trip there. However, if GPS coordinates are more your thing, locate the overlook at 40.429698, -78.018976.

Planning a visit to the overlook? Here are some helpful websites to plan your adventure:




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