For rest and relaxation, Shenandoah National Park is a natural choice. This is the escape you need. Skyland, Big Meadows Lodge and Lewis Mountain Cabins are located right inside the park, which helps you see more of it.

Skyline_Drive_Virginia Dept of Historic Resources.jpg

Skyline Drive is beautiful in the spring!

Skyline drive with Park entrance sign. Shenandoah National Park, Virginia, USA.

It would take months to enjoy every hiking trail and mountain view in Shenandoah. So if you only have a week or weekend to spare, here are the five things you have to do this year.

  1. Hike to a mountain summit and enjoy the views. Consider tackling a portion of the Appalachian Trail.
  2. Go chasing waterfalls. There’s Dark Hollow Falls, Lewis Falls and many more.
  3. Up for adventure? Rock climbing and rappelling are perfect Shenandoah activities.
  4. The night skies in Shenandoah are out of this world. The heavens look endless out here, far away from artificial city light.
  5. Head out into Big Meadows around dusk and watch as the white-tailed deer emerge. You may even see a black bear.

Looking for Shenandoah lodging? There are several great options.

Hikers-Atop-Stony-Man-275x250 GoShenandoah.png

Hikers can find some impressive photo ops throughout the park.

If you want to elevate your Shenandoah experience, Skyland offers a number of lodging options and the best view of the Shenandoah Valley. Big Meadows Lodge provides all the comforts of a country vacation, with welcoming accommodations right near beautiful Big Meadows. Or, explore Shenandoah from the rustic and cozy Lewis Mountain Cabins.

Now is the perfect time to exhale with your loved ones, far out in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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