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Fall is the perfect time to pack up the family, get in the car, and go on a scenic drive to see colorful foliage across the entire Mid-Atlantic. And what better spot to travel to than the “Autumn Leaf Capital of the World?”

Pennsylvania’s Great Outdoors region plays host to the annual Clarion Autumn Leaf Festival from Oct. 2 through 10 — a chance for visitors to not only see potentially peak fall foliage, but also see local crafters and artisans, attend the Tournament of Leaves parade, and watch the AutoRama car cruise.

In the Clarion countryside, find stunning vistas that are top spots in the state to see fall colors, including Brady’s Bend Overlook; or go on a hike in Cook Forest, Pennsylvania’s only old growth forest.

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While outdoors seeing the spectacular colors, take in the sights of the area’s rich industrial heritage — like the Climax Train tunnel built in the 1870s, part of the scenic Redbank Valley Trail. Other historical spots include Buchanan Furnace, the Redbank Coaling Tower, Helen Furnace, and the Phillipston Yard Turntable. More details can be found on

Pro tip: Plan your trip to the Pennsylvania Great Outdoors around this year’s peak fall foliage. The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources offers regularly updated fall foliage reports on

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