A lot of us have been there: You’re fulfilling a lifelong dream of seeing an iconic location, climbing to a high peak, or exploring a new city — but you’re feeling worn out.

Travel can be exhausting. It’s one of life’s greatest experiences, yet it’s tough on our bodies physically. From carrying heavy suitcases to walking an extra 15,000 steps while exploring, your body is being exposed to things it’s not always used to.

This year, resolve to become healthier so that you can enjoy travel to the fullest extent. Here at Recreation News, we’re sharing some of our habits for healthy travel in the spirit of the new year:


Set a goal and stick to it

It’s one thing to say that you’re going to get in shape before your next vacation. It’s another thing to actually do it. If you’re going on a trip knowing that you’ll be walking a lot more, set a goal to reach a certain number of steps per day to train your body to do it.

Don’t forget to make the goal realistic.

Do your research

Especially when planning adventure travel, where you’ll be doing strenuous activities like hiking, kayaking or others, it’s important to research and plan for what you’re getting into. Knowing how many miles or minutes you’ll generally be active will help you get your body ready in advance.

Rest and sleep

While traveling, make sure you’re getting ample rest. It’s easy to stay out late every night, make the most of your hours, and forget to sleep — but if you stick to a schedule, you’ll be more likely to fulfill your whole list of desired activities.

Don’t overeat

New destinations come with a slew of culinary options. Stick to a normal three meals per day plus snacks to avoid overeating and becoming sluggish during your trip.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

One of the worst mistakes you can make while traveling is forgetting to drink water. Be good to your body on your trip, and it’ll be good to you. This is especially important for travel in which you’ll be exerting extra physically.

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