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If you feel like you saw a rise in engagement photos on social media around the holidays, you weren’t dreaming. A study by Brides magazine found that 19 percent of engagements in the United States happen between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, with the majority of them occurring in December.

And according to the experts, there’s good reasoning for this — many couples use holidays as an opportunity to visit family, allowing them to be involved in the big engagement. Plus, they say, the holiday company bonus is a contributing factor.

If you’re one of the lucky 19 percent that will be tying the knot in the near future, congratulations. Let the planning begin. Here at Recreation News, we’ve compiled some of 2020’s wedding trends and predictions, so that you can start planning your perfect Mid-Atlantic event.

Relaxed and intimate

According to WeddingInspire, relaxed and informal weddings top the wedding trend predictions for 2020. Couples are opting for more intimate and meaningful celebrations with the people they care about they most.

Informal weddings also tend to be more budget-friendly, because of a smaller guest list. Having an intimate wedding, though, doesn’t mean compromising on aesthetic. Picking a Mid-Atlantic location or venue for your special day will still be an important part of the process.

Sustainable weddings

WeddingInspire also predicts that couples are looking at more eco-conscious ways to host their event. This means cutting back on unnecessary waste, or going with vendors that offer eco-friendly solutions.

The Mid-Atlantic boasts many eco-friendly wedding venues, like Herrington on the Bay in Maryland, Montfair Resort Farm in Virginia or The Nature Inn in Pennsylvania.

State parks

An often overlooked venue for wedding celebrations are state parks. Across the Mid-Atlantic, almost every state park offers pavilions available for rent, with some even offering indoor venue solutions. Having a state park wedding means photo-worthy spots for having your ceremony (think alongside a beautiful lake with mountains in the background), and a DIY approach without a limit on approved vendors and more.

Keep in mind, most state park venues do not allow alcohol.

Get married on the beach

The coastal shores of the Mid-Atlantic are a top wedding destination year after year. Beaches in Delaware, Virginia, North Carolina and others offer picturesque locations; with many venues offering full wedding planning services and amenities. Get married, then stay at the beach for your honeymoon, no midnight travel required.


Farm-to-table food options are a popular wedding options./Michael T. Davis Photography

Farm fresh

A continuing trend for 2020 will be farm venue weddings, especially at those farms offering organic or farm-to-table experiences. There’s nothing quite as picturesque as a historic barn in the rolling Mid-Atlantic countryside; and farm-to-table bites make those venues even more appealing.


The traditional wedding venue will never go out of style. Across Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and other Mid-Atlantic states, wedding venues are prepared to offer a host of options and amenities that will make your wedding day everything you’ve dreamed of.

Will you tie the knot in the Mid-Atlantic in 2020? Share your wedding story with us on social media using #LivePlayDo.

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