What up-and-coming small town is just off of Interstate 81, and is just a short drive from historic Gettysburg? Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

When it comes to planning your Chambersburg trip, some of the best attractions are some of the least talked about.

To start, a must-see spot to take in some fresh air is Caledonia State Park. This park has a picnic area, a community pool and is right on the Appalachian Trail for hiking. It’s a great place to bring the family and dogs for a hike and grab some food for a picnic. Also, take time to learn about Caledonia’s rich history.

Gracie’s Garden is a cute shop where guests are able to build their own succulent terrarium from in-store plants, or shoppers can bring in their own and use their plots. The employees are able to help the shopper organize their terrarium to get the best look. Either go for just one plant or make it into an event by planning a party.

The Old Jail is on most travel brochures, but there are preferable times to visit. During the day, there are tours to learn the Old Jail’s history, especially during the Civil War. During Halloween, they turn the jail into a haunted attraction where guests can see if they can survive the tour during the night. There are also events during Christmas and after the tours, visitors are able to give back to the community.

The Chambersburg Aquatic Center is a new development in Chambersburg. Before, it was a municipal pool that also featured a skatepark, basketball courts and volleyball. Now, it features slides into a huge pool, a lap pool, splash pool and a lazy river. There is something for everyone, no matter the age. It’s a way for the whole family to spend the day out and get some sun while also having fun.

Kenny’s Grill is a “must-go” restaurant. Thanks to its fun menu, you can enjoy a Kenny burger and stay for their flavorful blue goo ice cream. Its indoor and outdoor seating, coupled with cheap prices, is hard to beat.

The seasonal festivals in downtown Chambersburg are hard to pass up. IceFest is in late January or early February, ChambersFest is in the summer and AppleFest is in October. Throughout the year, Chambersburg will also sprinkle in other festivals like CrabFest, food truck events and cultural food festivals. While downtown there are also other great restaurants that are always worth a try with great food and friendly workers.

Chambersburg is a small town, but it is full of great experiences that extend to its surrounding neighbors. These are idyllic places that not everyone knows about, but will surely add to your vacation in the quaint little town of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

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