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Why are you working? On the one hand, the answers vary by each individual; on the other hand, they are all variants of just a few themes. Most commonly stated ones are: “I need to work to earn money to survive,” “I love my job,” “I need to get a certain amount of years in for retirement,” “It gives me purpose,” “It keeps me busy,” “I don’t know what I’d do otherwise.”

Some want to exit the workplace as early as possible, while others almost fear the exit. I’ve always thought that one needs an identity and interests in life outside of the workplace. Time with family, hobbies, friends, new experiences and other positive things all lend themselves to a happy, healthy time off from the workplace as well as an identity outside of one’s job. That’s why I’ve always been an advocate of using your time off to travel. Just as work is part of your routine, so is your home life. To break the routine, you also need a change of venue. At that time, you truly focus on something other than routine. Family and friends may travel with you and then they are something more than your routine, they are also a part of your experiences.

2020 bears a great name for a year of change. Can you clearly, as in 20-20 vision, see your optimum direction? For many, this New Year’s resolutions can be to enact this change. For some, it will be subtle, for others it may be more dramatic. 2020 will begin with a farewell to our long time editor, Marvin Bond. While Marvin’s contributions to Recreation News have been invaluable, as an editor, contributing writer, statesman, confidant and visionary, it’s in fact his friendship I cherish most. I’m certain his future will yield tons of time with the grandchildren, travels and adventure, and getaways with his wife. Exiting a job with a monthly cycle also permits getaways that extend beyond a week, opening up opportunities in travel that merit multiple weeks. While Marvin’s work has been rewarding to himself as well as our readers and the company, it’s perhaps his travels and interests outside of the work life that should result in a fulfilling retirement. It is with our heartfelt appreciation that we face that bittersweet moment of saying goodbye to this chapter in Marvin’s life and with enthusiasm that we cheer him on to the next chapter. I have a feeling we are still going to be seeing a few writer stories from Marvin and Jane, though. I dedicate this issue to him.

While your own 2020 may be much different than Marvin’s — and perhaps contain less dramatic change — it is still a new year filled with all of the hopes and dreams for an optimum year, perhaps your best ever. Make some goal adjustments and work toward that goal. Remember it’s not how far along the line you are, it’s what direction you are headed. Happy New Year!

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