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Tucker County has become the go-to destination for those who want to embrace winter, not escape it.

A long-time favorite destination for our staff, Tucker County is home to two great ski resorts just a hop and skip apart (2 miles): Timberline Four Seasons Resort and Canaan Valley Resort. Combine this with the hip-and-trendy-meets-old-town-charm of the towns of Davis and Thomas with their art galleries, coffee shops, breweries, and restaurants — plus the natural wonder of Blackwater Falls State Park, with arguably the most photographed waterfall on the East Coast — and there are plenty of ways to “Get Tucker’d” in Tucker County, W.Va., this season.

Winter sports in Tucker County are legendary. Located west of the Eastern Continental Divide, it has all the natural elements to generate enough snow to be the ultimate winter playground. There is a ton of snow that blankets the region and it starts earlier, stays longer, and is a reliable feature throughout the season averaging 150 to 180 inches annually.

Tucker County deals with it well. Our last visit received 24 inches overnight, and the next morning roads and parking lots were already cleared and ready for business — especially at their premier resorts, Canaan Valley Resort State Park and Timberline Ski Resort. The lofty mountains, with summits that exceed 4,260 feet, provide a ton of vertical to make the runs count.

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But, there’s more than just downhill skiing. Enjoy cross-country skiing at Whitegrass (USA's Today 2017 No. 1 cross country ski resort in North America), snow-tubing at Canaan Valley Resort, sledding at Blackwater Falls State Park winter lodge, and ice skating at Canaan Valley Resort’s full-size outdoor ice rink. This is just the tip of the iceberg — pardon the pun — for all the greatness that comes along with winter in Tucker County.

This season, check out the “Ski More ... Save More” campaign. During the 2018-2019 season, holidays excluded, both resorts are offering a free midweek ticket with any weekend pass. Just bring your weekend ticket to the resort ticket window during any non-holiday mid-weekday and receive your free ticket.

For more information:


“Ski More ... Save More”

■ Mid-week is defined as Monday through Friday.

■ Weekend is defined as Saturday and Sunday.

■ Free mid-week ticket can only be redeemed during the 2018-2019 season.

■ You will receive only one free ticket.

■ Holiday dates when the mid-week special cannot be redeemed include Dec. 26–31 (Christmas/New Year’s Eve week), Jan. 19–20 (Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend), and Feb. 16–17 (Presidents Day weekend).

■ Free mid-week tickets are non-transferable. Your free ticket can be redeemed only at the resort where you purchased your weekend ticket.

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