MD - Allegany Co. - hike in snowy woods

A quiet hike together through the Maryland mountains can be a perfect romantic activity.

Tucked in the mountains of Western Maryland is Allegany County, a hidden oasis of arts, entertainment, history, and excitement.

With almost endless opportunities for shopping, dining, and hands-on experiences, it’s the perfect destination for a Valentine’s Day getaway.

From prime bike trails to a Donut and Coffee Trail, Allegany County hosts a variety of experiences for couples of all kinds, no matter your favorite hobby.

For art and culture fanatics, Allegany County is a playground of museums, quaint bed and breakfasts, and unique venues full of enthralling and enlightening experiences.

MD - Allegany Co. - Donut and Coffee Trail

Enjoy some sweets with your sweetie at any of the stops along the Allegany County Donut and Coffee Trail.

So not only will you be able to enjoy each other’s company, but you can come home with a better understanding of this crucial part of Appalachia, too.

Combining the natural beauty of the “Mountain Side of Maryland” with the small-town charm of Frostburg and Cumberland, there is truly no other destination like Allegany.

Experience the Hotel Gunter

If you’re looking for an all-in-one cultural and undeniably delectable experience, the Hotel Gunter is a can’t-miss. Initially opened in 1897, this historic hotel is located in the heart of Frostburg’s arts and entertainment district.

MD - Allegany Co. - Frostburg - Hotel Gunter

Make the Hotel Gunter in Frostburg your home base for a romantic weekend in Allegany County.

During Prohibition, the hotel served as a speakeasy and a cockfighting arena. While the hotel has thankfully shed the latter profession, it still embraces its spirit-filled past. 

Below its 12 cozy rooms, you’ll find The Speakeasy, which boasts beer, wine, and spirits from the Toasted Goat and Route 40 Brewing and Distilling. Here, the furniture is made from locally sourced barn wood.

You can choose from Route 40’s vodka, gin, light and dark rums, and even “goat shine” corn whiskey. The tap list includes a variety of brews like IPAs, stouts, sours, and ciders. And you can even take home a growler full of your favorite pour. 

If you and your beau prefer grapes over grains, you can sip from The Toasted Goat’s selection of full-bodied reds and light, crisp whites, all of which come from the brand’s vineyard in Keyser, West Virginia.

To top it all off, you can pair your craft wines, spirits, and brews with shareables from the tasting room’s vast menu.

Activities Galore

Once you’ve indulged your senses in the tasting room at the Hotel Gunter, explore the shops of Downtown Frostburg. You’ll find everything from boutiques selling small-label and vintage clothing and jewelry to herb shops and apothecaries, to shops selling traditional Appalachian handcrafts.

For an extra-romantic way to see the mountain scenery, cuddle up aboard the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad’s Frostburg Flyer and enjoy a three-hour winter excursion. Or load up on caffeine and carbs at stops along the county’s Donut and Coffee Trail.

MD - Allegany Co. - Frostburg Flyer

Cuddle up and enjoy a romantic ride through Allegany County aboard the Frostburg Flyer.

And of course, the Mountain Side of Maryland offers endless opportunities for year-round recreation. From snowshoeing to hiking to ice fishing, both of you will fall in love with Allegany County’s spirit of adventure.

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