Top 5 things to love about October

I’ve always said, “Autumn is the springtime of people.” 

Despite the fun of summer, when the season’s over, people are just a tad worn out. Then comes the fall. School begins, football begins, other organized sports and groups begin, and a new routine settles in. People who suspended activities for the summer renew them with vigor. People come alive again. It’s the springtime of people. 

I’d be willing to bet more people fall in love in autumn than any other season. It’s a great time of year and people love it. So do I. There’s a ton to love, but here are my Top 5 favorites:


Warm days with a few occasional cool ones provide a break from the summer’s unforgiving heat. Outdoor projects and hikes are both more enjoyable this time of year. Then, there are the nights — crisp refreshing nights where you can sleep with the windows open. You gotta love it!


The combination of harvest time and weather create a time to celebrate. Wine festivals are popping up everywhere and, let’s face it, a 70 degree afternoon with bright sun, blue skies, some live music, interesting crafts, a winery tour, great food, and, of course, your favorite wines to sample — what’s not to love?


All summer long, the crabs have been growing, molting, and then filling those new larger shells with even more meat. This is the season to enjoy those monsters (at great prices, too). As a boy raised in Baltimore and now living on the bay, it’s part of my heart and soul.

Starry nights

While the summer provides longer days, I welcome autumn and the earlier, more vibrant sunsets they bring on a darker night to showcase the stars. When you combine this with the cooler crisper nights, it’s invigorating, as well as inspirational.


Bright shades of orange, yellow, and red provide a breathtaking palette for nature to work with. Whether you are driving through the mountains, seeing the reflections off a lake, taking in the tree line at the edge of a field, or simply viewing the sides of the highway, you are surrounded by this temporary beauty. Enjoy it while it’s here. The lower angle of the sun even provides less glare to really make the colors pop. 

Sure, some folks complain that everything is dying in the fall, but I choose to ignore them. I can’t help it. They are drowned out by the joyful chorus of October. Let us help you with some ideas on making the most of your October in this issue of Recreation News.

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Enjoy the Mid-Atlantic’s ever-growing libations scene, including the popular Devils Backbone Brewery. (Va. Tourism Corp.)


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