Eric Ebeling

Eric Ebeling

During the five years I lived on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, I always awaited the arrival of autumn with excitement.

Summers there were great, no doubt, but there’s just something about living at the beach when the days grow shorter, and the air turns crisp. Time seems to slow down a couple of notches, and the change of seasons brings a special beauty to the region.

I served as editor of three newspapers in Worcester County, Md., and was a consulting editor at several other newspapers located in Bethany Beach and Rehoboth, both in Delaware, and in Chincoteague, Va., and Somerset County, Md. In my travels, I saw the best the shore can deliver, both on the coast and inland.

As an avid angler, I spent innumerable hours on the water, enjoying time away from the hustle and bustle and seeking the thrill of the next fish to pull on my line. I always packed a tackle box and fishing rod in the trunk of my car wherever I went. I took plenty of lunch breaks on the sand year-round, my shoes off and my work pants rolled up to the knees.

But it was always the fall I looked forward to the most.

That’s when a whole new range of fish species would descend on the Eastern Shore: striped bass, flounder, red drum, king mackerel, and so many more. October can be quite a hallmark month for anglers up and down the shore ―and at plenty of places elsewhere.

The story is much the same across the Mid-Atlantic and surrounding areas. The change of seasons brings with it a chance for new recreational opportunities everywhere, for everyone.

In this edition of Recreation News, we bring you ideas for fall getaways that are second to none.

Check out all that the Cumberland Valley in Pennsylvania has to offer, including fishing along the Yellow Breeches in Cumberland County. That creek is near and dear to my heart, having grown up within a stone’s throw of it.

Autumn ushers in far more than just fishing opportunities, though.

For those fascinated by history, a trip to the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania or to the Gettysburg National Military Park may well be in order. Read about these destinations inside this issue.

Looking to just get away from it all? Wytheville, Va., or Indiana County, Pa., offer plenty of activities that will allow you to relax and refresh in the natural beauty of the changing seasons.

Within these pages, we hope you find a destination that calls to you.

Get out there and see what awaits.

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