Ellen Matis

I’ll admit it: I’m one of those pumpkin spice-latte-drinking, boots-wearing, fall-loving women. Every year, I get excited about unboxing my sweaters from the attic and changing my routine as the days get shorter.

And one of the reasons I love fall is because of the opportunity to enjoy nature. As summer comes to a close, it’s often hot and sticky — and unless you’ve got access to the beach, that sometimes isn’t a whole lot of fun. Here in Pennsylvania, I am definitely not a short jaunt away from a sandy, breezy beach. Instead, I often end up spending the end of summer indoors in the air conditioning until evening, when it feels bearable outdoors again.

But not in the fall.

In the fall, I get excited get outdoors again. The forest, of course, is extra magical when the leaves start changing — and there’s nothing like a hike in the crisp, fall air. And in the fall, I get excited to travel more.


Ellen  Matis

Across the Mid-Atlantic, fall is a season filled with unique events and activities: From a fall foliage train ride through West Virginia, to corn mazes across every state. And don’t forget the spooky stuff, like Scary Harry’s Haunted Trail in my old stomping grounds of Indiana County, Pa. (read more here).

In this edition of Recreation News, you’ll find not only roundups of fall events and activities for all ages — like cavern explorations for the family; or craft beverage tours for adults — you’ll also find neat places to stay for a weekend excursion and more.

I hope you fall for fall as much as I will this season. Happy travels, readers.

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