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Recreation News editor and copy editor Ellen and Sean were married September 21./Ellen Matis

Anyone that’s planned a wedding can agree on a few things: They’re a lot of work to plan, they cause a lot of stress and they require a lot of down time to recover from.

When I started planning my wedding early this year, I almost didn’t factor in a honeymoon. Sean, Recreation News copyeditor, and I had already gone to Mexico early in the year, so it didn’t seem necessary. One of my bridesmaids told me “You’re going on a honeymoon,” and put her foot down telling us we needed to.

At her advice, we decided to plan a “minimoon” — a short trip that was just a quick drive away that would allow us to recuperate from the wedding, but not cost us an arm and a leg. We rented a small, secluded cabin in Berkeley Springs, W.Va., for a four-day stint.

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Ellen Matis

It turned out that she was right. While our wedding was everything we could have ever dreamed it would be, it was exhausting — and a getaway was the perfect medicine. We spent those days hiking and exploring the back roads surrounding the cabin along the Cacapon River, soaking in the hot tub surrounded by the peaceful woods, and watching the incredibly extensive DVD collection the Airbnb offered.

Travel can be therapeutic in many ways. If you’re anything like me, sometimes you just need to be in a different location for your brain to be able to truly shut down and stop spewing ideas at you. It can also allow you to disconnect and recharge in a way that you sometimes just can’t at home. If we had spent the week after our wedding at home, it almost definitely would have been consumed with renovation projects and unpacking gifts.

My advice to anyone that’s going through any major life change — whether that be getting married, moving to a new area or starting a new job — is to take some time to get away.

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