When I think about taking the “scenic route,” I think about the first solo trip I ever took as a young adult.

Fresh out of college, I drove from my then-home of Indiana, Pennsylvania, to visit a high school friend in Charlotte, North Carolina. I took a route that didn’t have any tolls, mainly because I was living on a part-time job budget and making this the most economical trip in history. It tacked on an additional hour or so to my drive time.

When driving through the New River Gorge area of West Virginia, I decided to spontaneously stop to see the famous steel arch bridge in Fayetteville. Along the way, I also made some route shifts to do short hikes to waterfalls. On the way back to Indiana a week later, I passed through Morgantown, West Virginia, to see the Coopers Rock overlook.


Two of my favorite scenic overlooks close to home are Ralph's Pretty Good View and Ralph's Majestic View, both on the Allegheny Front Trail within Black Moshannon State Park. 

I had all but forgotten about this little solo trip of mine until the Recreation News team was in a planning meeting earlier this year. When we started thinking about scenic overlooks across our readership area, I remembered how freeing it was to not be tied to any sort of schedule on that trip — It was just me, my old hand-me-down car, with the chance to see places I had only seen photos of previously.

Now, we at Recreation News want you to share your favorite scenic overlooks with us.

Nominate your favorite Scenic Overlook

Through May 15, we want you — our readers — to submit your favorite overlook in the Mid-Atlantic to us. It could be one that you’ve hiked to or one that you can drive to. The only real criteria is that it has to have an awesome view.

We’ll feature the Top Scenic Overlook in the Mid-Atlantic in the July edition of Recreation News

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