Editor's note 6-21

Copy Editor Sean Yoder and Creative Editor Ellen Matis enjoyed an after-work hike at Black Moshannon State Park in Happy Valley, Pennsylvania, recently.

Is it just me, or did the world go back to normal FAST?

I know, we were cooped up for a long time. But after restrictions in an almost-post-COVID world started easing up in May, life started to get real again quickly.

Copy editor Sean and I were immediately thrown back into “normal” life by making a trip to Disney World in mid-May. Days by the pool and adventures in some of America’s coolest theme parks were exactly what we needed after a year like 2020. But I’d be lying if I said that our first walk through Disney Springs on the day we arrived wasn’t alarming — we hadn’t seen those kinds of crowds in well over a year and a half.

Things are starting to feel “normal” again in our home region of Happy Valley, Pennsylvania, too. We’re hanging out at local favorite spots like Big Spring Spirits and Axemann Brewery; or meeting up with friends for patio hangouts or dinner out.

What’s also ramping back up again, though, is busyness. Booked calendars, days filled with meetings, hours without moving away from a computer. You may recall in 2020 that collectively, as a nation, we said: “We don’t want to live these busy lives anymore!” We needed a taste of slow living to see that it could be achieved.

Moving forward, I’m making a conscious effort to live life a little more slowly. Instead of immediately sitting down at my desk in the morning, I’m taking time to literally stop and smell the roses: I’m enjoying my backyard, my coffee and maybe even taking some time to read a good book. Hikes after a work day are a routine I’d like to get into as well.

On the same front, I’m trying to make a more conscious effort to not only plan time away and get in that much-needed vacation time, but to not overbook myself during them as well. We’re looking ahead at the calendar to plan easy and slow camping trips — and we’ll be doing our first beach camping trip in August at Bethany Beach, Delaware.

As you go back to your busy world — filled with work and meetings and daily challenges — I hope that you’ll look back on the past year and remind yourself how important your time off is. And I hope you’ll let Recreation News help you plan how you’ll spend that time off.

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