Pub note July 2020

Perhaps the most famous sign in Maine!/Karl Teel

We are heading to the beach with our friend Nancy and she grabs her tote bag: A rope handled canvas bag with a Paris motif. I remember she bought it in Paris while with Michelle and me and several others on a getaway. The bag’s art was flowery script French words, icons such as the Eiffel Tower, and together, an unmistakable Paris look and vibe. It’s all a part of branding. Paris works hard to present to the world this image of romance and culture. According to some sources, Paris is the number one tourist destination in the world.

Paris works hard at capitalizing its assets: The Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, the Seine, the Louvre. It is in fact their brand, as well as the romance which occurs with tourism.

Everything you do becomes a part of your brand. How do you spend your time?

Remodel your home? Part of your brand is as a handyman (or woman). Travel to exotic lands? Part of your brand is as an adventurer. Visit museums, theaters, galleries, or symphony performances? Your brand includes culture.

The ways in which you brand yourself are endless: By visiting restaurants, exploration, whitewater rafting, or by traveling to any one of a gazillion cool places.

Time to experience the things that make up your brand, sadly, are not endless. Time is limited, but options on how to spend it are virtually unlimited. Some efforts must be directed towards getting the means to pay for food and shelter as we all aren’t financially independent. But for the majority of us, we still have some time to choose just how we want to use our time. It can be through rest, it can be through adventure, it can be through romance, it can be through learning, or by donating. Everything you choose is a part of your brand.

You can’t control what’s already in the rear view mirror, you can control what you’ll see in the windshield. Your brand isn’t just a marketing term for how you appear on the internet. It’s a catch all for how you’re making the most of your life.

These past few months, amid COVID-19, have been about a lot of isolation, which yields reflection. What lies ahead? Some is unknown, but you can still plan. Ready for that road trip? We are, and will use precautions. After all, maximizing our time requires precaution to not jeopardize it.

As we prepare for what’s ahead and upcoming adventures, use Recreation News to help reinvent your brand and live the life you want to portray.

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