Pub note Nov 2021

How did it get here already? It was just summer, and now the holiday season is upon us. Kicking off with Thanksgiving and running through the end of the year, it’s a great time. Of course, Thanksgiving sets the tone with family and friends gathering, celebrating together, breaking bread, laughter and one of the most feel-good holidays there is. Appropriately, it is followed by Black Friday launching the holiday gift-buying season, and what better time then while everyone is in the mood. Who can forget scenes of fights breaking out at the local Walmart as throngs of people battle for the handful of ridiculously low-priced TVs or items to lure people in, many of whom gathered in the wee hours of the morning. It’s the antithesis of the vibe from just one day earlier.

But I have an idea. Pitch the concept of giving an item that will be forgotten in a short time, the clothing that isn’t quite the right style, color, or fit. Odds are the person you give it to will forget about both the gift and who they got it from in a span of time. Not to mention the headache of battling for parking, long check-out lines filled with irritable souls, and an emotionally and physically exhausting day. Why not give a getaway this year? Think about it: Aren’t experiences far more memorable than possessions? Doesn’t travel with family and friends create bonds as the adventure is shared? It doesn’t have to be expensive, either. It can be as inexpensive as tickets to a museum, or for a little more, a concert, a dinner out, or keep ramping up the impact (and price) and make it a getaway. The beach has some great low-cost, high-impact packages, or maybe a cruise.

Most of these ideas not only make great gifts, but they directly can impact the small businesses, museums, restaurants, and other destinations that suffered during the COVID chapter with all the related challenges. You’ll love the feeling of giving a quality gift and avoiding the Black Friday mayhem. They enjoy a gift that they will always remember. The vendors being helped are often the ones we’d most desire to help . . . heck, isn’t it the little guy or underdog you’d most like to see benefit? As a small shop here at Recreation News, we know firsthand how it is, and we know our sponsors who are mostly small shops themselves. PLUS, we know travel and leisure, too!

Do a little research and make it happen. It’s not too hard and you’ll find it contagious. Thankful for your family, friends, and health? What a great way to show it from the heart.

Happy Thanksgiving. Let the holiday season begin!

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