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The holiday season is much like our nation, quite the melting pot. Consider our holidays — The season sort of begins with Thanksgiving, then the whole shebang that follows: Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, etc. Most people are OK with putting up Christmas decorations once the prior holiday, Thanksgiving, is over. Then we have a litany of holidays that vary by religion, heritage, and geography: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza and a few others culminating with New Year’s Eve. It’s a busy time with shopping, traveling, no time off, preparing for time off, holiday parties, meals and more.

Each of these holidays and traditions seem to have that common thread of being busy, holding traditions, visiting family, charity, reflections of the past and plans for the future. It’s a time of people and place, no matter which religion or location you hail from. People and place: now that’s a segue for travel! As we wrap up the year, ask yourself where you have been. Who have you visited? What have you experienced with family and friends? This is more than a rhetorical question, it’s a time to reflect. Good memories? Great! Carry them on forever, and be reinforced in decisions to continue this pattern to transform time into even more memories.

Regrets? Don’t despair, but instead make a conscious decision to learn from this and change. All of us can be victims of circumstance, limiting the choices we have. But by and large, most of the time these are decisions of allocation. What are you going to do with time off? Organize the garage? How about moving that task away from the weekend or vacation schedule, and replacing it with seeing some place great, visiting that favorite relative and experiencing something new?

The holidays are the absolute best time to do this. After all, your family and friends are likely in this same thought mode, whether they have been reflecting on this either consciously or subconsciously. Heck, you might even be the jumpstart they needed. Go on a ski trip together. Take a brisk winter walk. Plan a cruise. Before you travel, enjoy the dialogue of planning. Plans can certainly help maximize your travel, but it also creates some really cool time of anticipation.

This year, consider getting in that life-improving groove. Visit or invite over family and friends. Or select a cool location to meet. Consider giving the gift of travel, creating new memories for the coming year. It’s a gift that keeps giving. Holidays are all about people and place. Select your people. Select your places. Enjoy. It’s not just our holiday wish for you, it’s our mission. Merry Christmas, happy New Year, happy holidays and peace to you from all of us at Recreation News.

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