pub note 11-20

Opposites attract. This is true on many levels, from the north and south poles of a magnet to pairing wines with food. For example, salty foods pair well with wines that are acidic, fruity and crisp, like oysters with a Sauvignon Blanc. Happy couples often have one partner more outgoing, and the other more reserved, or one more willing to take risks while the other prefers the stable certainty. But despite the opposition, there remains a commonality. Each pole of a magnet is still magnetic. Each partner in a couple is still in love with the other. The Sauvignon Blanc and oysters are each delicacies.

As we approach Thanksgiving, we have that variety of foods and pairings; Turkey, cranberry sauce, and gravy; rolls and butter; plus a variety of wine, vegetables and other items. Even the original Thanksgiving had a variety of people — not just the American Indians and settlers — but those with a variety of ages, skills and backgrounds. The commonality of pulling together despite our differences and to enjoy the harvest reflects the very best of humanity.

“It’s all about the contrast.” That’s what my late mother-in-law used to say. Like “Variety is the spice of life,” it applies to work, family, food, time, you name it. Even doctors (as well as a ton of grandmothers) agree the best diet contains a little bit of everything. Perhaps families stay together more because of their variety than their differences. It’s kind of hard to say. However, we all have heard the “opposites attract” mantra regarding unusual couples.

Perhaps vacations illustrate the clearest example of the value of contrast. It truly affects everything from the time you wake up, your schedule, your goals for the day, your location and surroundings and more. Even the senses are affected. Sights: not just the big picture such as mountains but also the little things like the room you are in. Sounds: such as the roar of the surf or chirping birds. Taste: I know my diet goes out the window and my sense of culinary adventure kicks in. What you feel: crisp salty air or the warmth of a hot tub. Even the people you are with or the amount of time you spend with someone changes. The list goes on, but the point is the same. It’s a complete contrast.

Virtually all physicians agree vacations and contrast provide a healthier existence. This November, if you are lucky enough to get away — enjoy it. If you are staying at home, plan a getaway as a gift to yourself and your loved ones. Try something new. Whether you are staying home or going away for Thanksgiving, enjoy the contrast and revel in it. Fill that belly up and plan that getaway. Be thankful for what you have, and what you can have. From our staff to your family, have a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

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